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Members of the CEHIC can count on the support of the history of science resource at the UAB Library of Science and Technology. The collection includes both classical scientific texts and historical studies, alongside with about 30 journals devoted to the discipline and other relevant primary sources from different branches of science, some of them on microfilm.

The history of science fund at the UAB includes the collection of the former Seminar for the History of Science compiled by professors Albert Dou and Manuel García Doncel and donated to the UAB by the Jesuit institution Centro Borja. This fund is composed of about three thousand monographs, journals and the microfilm series Landmarks of science-Landmarks II and Archive for History of Quantums Physics. Landmarks of science-Landmarks II is a collection of full texts by 2,900 scientists of all periods, from Euclid to Einstein. It allows a direct approach to primary sources, often not available in Catalan libraries. For its part, the Archive for History of Quantum Physics is a collection of every existing manuscript document on the development of quantum physics, including lectures, manuscripts, personal correspondence and memories, among other documents of important scientists such as Bohr, Planck or Rutherford.

The library also contains the fund of the philologist and science historian Josep Maria Millàs i Vallicrosa, specializing in Arabic science, scientific instruments, history of astronomy and mathematics and medieval Hebrew poetry. Furthermore, the library houses the personal archive of mathematician Ferran Sunyer i Balaguer. More recently it has begun to collect a resource specifically devoted to the history of informatics  in Spain and Catalonia, in a joint project involving library heads, the Department of Informatics and the CEHIC. Finally, it is important to remember that the library of the Faculty of Medicine also has an important section devoted to the history of medicine.

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