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At the Centre for the History of Science research results are constantly produced. In this space we offer notes on knowledge produced by lecturers, researchers and students ascribed to the centre, which generally become reality in the publication of a book, the defense of a PhD dissertation or a research report, but rarely reach non specialized circles.

Results (6)         
Polímeros e Instrumentos de la Química a la Biología Molecular en Barcelona (1958-1977)   [+]
Xavier Calvó-Monreal
CEHIC 05/11/2012

History of the Physical Sciences in Spain in the 20th Century   [+]
Bibliographical database, built on Refworks, which can be accessed online
Xavier Roqué 03/02/2011

Los primeros años de biología molecular en Cataluña, saberes y técnicas: la escuela estructuralista de Joan Antoni Subirana y Jaume Palau   [+]
cehic 21/12/2009

Women translating science in the Spanish Enlightenment   [+]
The aim of this paper is to present my provisional results on the role of women in the scientific enterprise of the Spanish Enlightenment.
Elena Serrano 21/12/2009

Human genetics in the press   [+]
PHD dissertation on human genetics in the daily newspaper El País between 1976 and 2006 studies how a particular model of scientific journalism is shaped
Matiana Gonzalez Silva 24/11/2008

Science and industry of radioactivity in Spain   [+]
The book "Aguas, semillas y radiaciones. El Laboratorio de Radiactividad de la Universidad de Madrid, 1904-1927" offers a new perspective on Spanish science of early 20th century
Néstor Herran 29/01/2008