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Alongside teaching and popularization, research is one of the three main pillars of the Centre for the History of Science at the UAB. It is focused mainly on the history of science and medicine during the nineteenth and the twentieth centuries, although it also covers other aspects such as the publics of science, the history of psychology or colonial science.

Projects by members of the CEHIC are complemented by the production of dissertations within the PhD program in History of science (UAB-UB). The variety of students  registered on this program –many of them coming from abroad- has significantly broadened the areas of interest and the geographical scope of the research.

The CEHIC also coordinates the work done at the Servei d’Arxius de Ciència (Science Archives Service), aimed at conserving and popularizing scientific and technological heritage, through the recuperation of scientific archives by leading researchers and institutions. This service does not physically take charge of the archives, but offers its support in their location, offering contacts to interested parties.

Thanks to the high quality level of historical research performed at the CEHIC from its foundation, external support for research projects has been awarded by institutions such as the Ministry of Science and Innovation (formerly Ministry of Education and Science), the Catalan government, the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation, the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT), and the Institut d’Estudis Catalans.