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In collaboration with the Universidad de Granada and the Universidad Miguel Hernández, since 2003 the CEHIC has co-published the history of medicine and science journal, Dynamis. Acta Hispanica ad Medicinae Scientiarumque Historiam Illustrandam. Until 2007, and with no interrumption for the last 26 years, the journal appeared as a unique yearly volume of approximately 450 pages. Since 2008 two volumes are published each year, one of them dedicated to a monographic subject. The journal publishes original papers in any language from the European Union, which undergo a strict process of peer review by renowned specialists.

The inclusion of Dynamis in the prestigious Thomson Scientific’s Science Citation Index since 2006 is an indication of its quality. The Science Citation Index brings together almost 9,300 journals chosen among the more than one thousand publications around the world and selected according to different criteria: peer review of the originals, regularity, coverage of differentiated subjects and the publication of relevant and innovative knowledge, among others. Dynamis is one of only two journals published in Spain that appear in the History and Philosophy of Science section, which is part of the Arts and Humanities index, constituted by a total of 1,159 journals, 21 of them Spanish.

Each volume of this publication generally includes scientific papers (sometimes grouped around a common subject), alongside book reviews and relevant news related to the history of medicine and science. Among the monographic issues published to date particularly outstanding are those devoted to the 1898 crisis in medicine, women and health, learning of medicine in the medieval world, medicine and science in Al-Andalus, the role of science in children health in modern history and health institutions in Latin America.

Editorial team:
Directors: Alfredo Menendez Navarro, Montserrat Cabre i Pairet
Editorial secretary: Mikel Astrain Gallart
Coordinator of reviews: Enrique Perdiguero Gil
Electronic communication:Jorge Molero Mesa