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Maria Asp and Anne Miche de Malleray   [+]
Tread softly for you tread on peoples' lives, or how to secure the memory of an institution while not appearing as a gravedigger
cehic 07/05/2009

Anna Krzeminska   [+]
The records of pharmacological research in Polish archives, in particular the Archives of the Institute of Pharmacology of the Polish Academy of Sciences
cehic 06/05/2009

Bernadette Bensaude-Vincent, visiting professor of the PhD Program in History of Science (UB-UAB)   [+]
Dr. Bernadette Bensaude-Vincent, University of Paris X, will give two master lectures and a doctoral seminar in the PhD Program in History of Science (UB-UAB)
CEHIC 30/04/2009

D. Pestre, Ciència, diners i política (Obrador Edèndum, 2008)   [+]
Dominique Pestre's Ciència, diners i política (Obrador Edèndum, 2008) has been published as n.2 of the collection Ciència i Acció, directed by the centre.
Xavier Roqué 26/04/2009

Seminar "Science and its publics", Thursday 16 and Friday 17 April   [+]
Both sessions are devoted to a most dynamic subject in the historiography of science in recent years: visual representations in science.
Agustí Nieto Galan 14/04/2009

Seminars "Science and its publics"   [+]
The cycle of seminars " Science and its publics" invites you to a new session on January 14 and January 16.
Agustí Nieto-Galan 13/01/2009

25 years of the History of science at the UAB   [+]
The Seminar for the History of Science, the embryo for the CEHIC, was officially founded on November 25th, 1983, institutionalizing the discipline at the University
CEHIC 12/11/2008

Quality Mention for the PhD program in History of science (UAB-UB), coordinated by the CEHIC   [+]
The Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation renewed the Quality Mention, guaranteeing the studies' prestige and funding for mobility
CEHIC 12/11/2008

John Krige, visiting professor of the Master in History of Science (UAB-UB)   [+]
Historian of science John Krige, Kranzberg Professor at Georgia's Institute of Technology, lectured in the course 'From Frankenstein to Einstein: contemporary science and society'
CEHIC 01/07/2008

Lecture by Dominique Pestre   [+]
History of science in the new European Higher Education Area was the subject of the talk that celebrated the tenth anniversary of the foundation of the CEHIC
CEHIC 10/11/2005