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The Earth Under Surveillance   [+]
El CEHIC participa en un dels projectes europeus més ambiciosos en Història de la ciència, el primer en aquesta àrea concedit per l'European Research Council
cehic 06/10/2009

Enrolment master in Historo of science 2009-2010   [+]
Enrolment to the master in History of science. Science, history, and society (UAB-UB), shortly to be opened
cehic 12/09/2009

Progress report of PhD students in History of Science (UAB)   [+]
El dimecres 16 de setembre tindrà lloc, a la Sala de Graus II de la Facultat de Ciències, la sessió de seguiment dels alumnes dels Estudis de doctorat en Història de la ciència (UAB)
cehic 11/09/2009

Presentation of Master thesis 2008-2009   [+]
Presentation of Master thesis of the academic year 2008-2009 will be held at the UAB and the UB on 8 and 9 September
cehic 03/09/2009

GRC project grant awarded   [+]
Research group "History of Science, Technology, and Medicine in Modern Catalonia (18th-20th centuries)", recognized and financed in AGAUR's last call for applications
cehic 07/07/2009

Bruno J. Strasser, visiting lecturer of the PhD Program in History of Science (UB-UAB)   [+]
Dr. Bruno J. Strasser, from Yale University, will give four master lectures and a doctoral seminar in the PhD Program in History of Science (UB-UAB)
cehic 03/06/2009

PhD Seminar   [+]
The next PhD seminar will be held on July 7h, from 17h, in the Sala de Juntes at the Institució Milà i Fontanals-CSIC (c/ Egipcíaques 15, Barcelona). Jaume Sastre and Yoko Tochigi will present and ch
cehic 02/06/2009

Seminar "History of Physical Sciences in Spain: Work in Progress"   [+]
Presentation and discussion of work in progress related to the research project "Bases para una historia de la física en España en el siglo XX"
Néstor Herran 11/05/2009

Polly Parry   [+]
Never the twain shall meet? Personal papers of scientists and institutional archives
cehic 07/05/2009

Katie Birkwood   [+]
The archive of astronomer Sir Fred Hoyle: an access-orientated processing project at St John's College Cambridge
cehic 07/05/2009