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Registration open for the 2015/16 Master in History of Science: Science, History and Society (UAB-UB). This official master degree, the one in the discipline in Catalonia and open to all fields of knowledge, is amongst the most interdisciplinary and internationalized degrees in Science at the UAB. Most of the 22 current students come from Catalan and Spanish universities, but there are also students from Italy, the United States, Morocco, Colombia, Chile, Costa Rica and Venezuela. Two thirds of the students have a background in science, medicine and engineering, while the rest has studied human and social sciences.

NEWS [+]

PhD Thesis in History of Science (UAB-UB) - Marc Estapé Egea

El Instituto Ravetllat-Pla durante el franquismo (1939-1955): Estrategias comerciales y científicas del medicamento y la reconceptualización de la sueroterapia

PhD Thesis in History of Science (UAB-UB) - Gonzalo Gimeno Valentín-Gamazo

La matemática de los quanta en España. El andamiaje de la física teórica en el intervalo (1925-1955) [borroso]