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Enric Cucurella
Edgar Allan Poe's Science
Director/es: Antoni Malet Tomàs
Fecha de lectura: 05-09-2017

The objective of this investigation is is to reach an assessment of Edgar Allan Poe ́s science as can be derived from two texts, his Eureka: An Essay on the Material and Spiritual Universe and his Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque. With regards to the first text, I make two main claims. The first is that Poe introduces a novel conception of the scientific method, the intuition of the consistency of an overall theory. The second is that the text fits squarely within the tenets of Romantic science. With regards to the second text, my main claim is that through his very knowledgeable interest in mesmerism, phrenology, and the pathologies of will and love, he achieves a very keen understanding of the distortions of reason that makes him relevant for the sciences of the human mind. My secondary claim is that his penchant for artificiality and the unnatural marks a break with Romantic science and its underlying Naturphilosophie.