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Mariagrazia Proietto
Internship at the the Archive for the History of Psychology (UAB)
Director/es: Annette Mülberger
Fecha de lectura: 16-06-2015

The main purpose of my internship was based on the facilitation of the access to the cultural heritage present in the archive. This purpose, in my view, can trigger chain of positive consequences. For instance, a more agile accessibility can help, in terms of time, the investigation by the researchers that are already working with these sources. It can also support the visibility/publicity of the Archive (trough new publications produced also because of the accessibility of the sources; or creating links with other archives, libraries and museums). The size of the archive, and the fact that there is not an archivist working there, led me to focus on one specific topic. According to my research interest and to the projects of investigation of the researcher of Archive (individual differences), I focus on Psychotechnics, considered to be a self-standing independent theme in its own right.