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Gustavo Corral Guillé
Human Biology. Cibernética y biología humana en el nuevo discurso expositivo en la década de 1970
Supervisor/s: Annette Mülberger

This paper explains what were the strategies used and the results obtained in the first
exhibition of the new exhibition scheme of the Natural History Museum in London,
conceived by Roger Miles, Head of the Department of Public Services of that prestigious
institution. This initiative was intended to attract more visitors from model-based exhibits
and interactive modules that relegated objects of the collections to a second plane. The
exhibition was entitled Human Biology and was inaugurated on May 24, 1977. The theme
of the exhibition was the human biology, but as argued in this paper, Human Biology also
served as a means to legitimize the discourse of modernization of human biology, as a
more rigorous discipline for the tools and techniques more accurate than those used by
traditional physical anthropology. It also sought to build an audience to reinforce the
interdisciplinary field of cognitive science and artificial intelligence in particular.
Between the members of the scientific advisory team of the exhibition was personalities
who played a leading role in the development of these disciplines, and needed to establish
their validity and usefulness to non-specialists and the general public.