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Jordi Relaño
Divulgació científica i premsa contemporània:
imatges de la ciència a través del editorials del suplement
"Ciencia y tecnología" (La Vanguardia, 1989-1994)

Supervisor/s: José Pardo Tomás

“Ciencia y Tecnología” was born as a weekly science popularization magazine,
attached to La Vanguardia from 1989 to 1995. Politically and also economically this
magazine appeared at the time Spanish government had already placed science and
techonology, for first time after Francisco Franco’s dictatorship, as a wealth warranty
according to the new Spanish government view on economy. Analyzing the “Ciencia y
Tecnología” editorial considerations on the nature of its images of science, constitutes
the main efforts here. The whole extent of texts are treated on theirs double nature as
press texts and as a popularization texts. Thus categories as “science”, “society” and
“science politic” and their mutual position in the images projected, are part of the
qualitative text analysis that has been done. As its consequence a double shaped
editorial constructions appears: according to first, science is seen as neutral, far from
material world and the upper form of knowledge acquirement. According to second,
science is extremely linked to applied technology altough refusing all their unexpected
and no desirable consequences. Pointing an idealized image of science and drawing up
the double framework where press popularization is placed, the analysis shows how
editorial texts don’t really pretend press readers think critically on science.