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Òscar Montero Pich
Semmelweis i la comunitat científica vienesa (1846-1865)
Supervisor/s: Jon Arrizabalaga Valbuena

The objective of the study is the repercussion and impact of Ignac Semmelweis’s thesis on the
Viennese and European scientific community. The work will be focused on the primary research
conducted in the General Hospital of Vienna between 1846 and 1849, its effect in different
academic circles, and his strategy when it was time to present his findings in the following
years. Within this study, the analysis of Semmelweis’ personality becomes implicit, as a
controversial and paradoxical figure that has captivated people from literary circles as much as
those from the scientific and histo-graphic worlds. The study also presents an aspect of the
historical and social puerperal fever, emphasizing the consequences that illness could have had
on the doctor, as a figure, and the hospital, as an institution. It will analyze the principal theories
surrounding the illness during the 19th century and the ethological evolution that it experienced
throughout history. His research will bring us closer to the methodology that Semmelweis
followed in order to discover the cause of the illness and develop his thesis. However, above
all, the study will try to analyze why his study was not accepted as a whole; what occurred so
that his thesis did not have the desired impact; and how the social factor determines the
relationships among scientists and affects their intellectual successes.