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Sara Fajula Colom
La construcció del cos femeni a través de les il.lustracions i el text del Tratado de Ginecoloa de Miquel A. Fargas Roca.
Supervisor/s: Alfons Zarzoso

The Tratado de Ginecología is a textbook and a treatise on medical popularization,
written and edited by M. A. Roca Fargas in the late nineteenth century early twentieth
century. The main aim of the book is to train medical students as future gynaecologists
and to contribute to the consolidation of Gynaecology as a medical specialty.
The text of the book is part of the medical and biological arguments used in the period
to legitimize a vision of gender, imposed by the hegemonic discourse, according to
which women were only qualified for taking care of their home and children.
The paper seeks the role of illustrations following these objectives and shows how such
images were specifically addressed to the “male scientist”.
Finally, this construction tries throw cast on questions such as who those women were
and why they accepted to be photographed in that o attitude.