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Luis Ricardo Duque Tardáguila
Tecnociencia y democracia: historia de la informática
en España a través de la revista Novática (1974-1980).

Supervisor/s: Néstor Herran Corbacho

The following paper deals with the ATI (Asociación de Técnicos de Informática /Computing Technicians Association) and the emergence of its journal Novática during the political transition in Spain. The main objective is to show how a period of heated debate and political change influenced the ideology’s Association. This paper puts forward the viewpoint adopted by ATI, such as the claims for better working conditions for the computing profession and the control of computing to preserve privacy andpersonal freedom. It also presents ATI`s critical positioning during the referendum in
1976 and the first democratic elections in 1977. Its ideology fitted a new Left which began to approach wider and more moderate sectors of the Spanish society during the political transition. This new Left was born from the ideological changes that two of the most important political parties – PSOE and PCE – had. Finally, the paper concludes that ATI’s ideology corresponded with the new Left. It also points out that ATI was a professional association, not a political party. Even though, it established links with the political elites of the moment and adopted a political position.