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Mª del Carmen Cruz Sánchez
Aportacions de la historia de la ciència a l'ensenyament: Charles Darwin i la teoria de l'evolució.
Supervisor/s: Maria Rosa Massa Esteve

This study has aimed at the construction of a multimedia programming unit, directed to
students in upper primary cycle and presented as a website (
) in order to promote science and make its teaching more
attractive and comprehensive. Following the guidelines of
the history of science, we have placed in space and time the theory of evolution as the solution to the problem
of the origin of species, and we have presented the arguments both for and
against the theory that followed its development. To this end, we have selected historical texts about
the figure of Charles Darwin as a person and on its immediate context or reality, the
nineteenth century. We have also selected texts on the background to the theory of evolution
and the development of his work, The Origin of Species, finally focusing on those parts
that refer to the struggle for survival and natural selection.