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Gonzalo Gimeno
Teorema de Riesz: versiones ondulatoria y matricial de la mecánica cuántica
Supervisor/s: Matteo Realdi

The aim of this paper is to revise the role played by the Riesz-Fisher theorem in connexion with the history of the equivalence of matrix and wave mechanics; also, with this tool at hand, to analyze the modern historiography. The problems raised by the simultaneous birth of both formulations are outlined and also the main structure of the works related with the convergence of them into a unified one. The significant theory of Hilbert spaces of von Neumann, its relation with the Riesz theorem and with the subject under consideration, is schematically presented. The more relevant papers on the history of the topic are analyzed. The paper concludes with the suggestion that certain scepticism observed in some scholars towards the more radical positions would be somehow justified and suggests some research lines.