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Sara Serrano
Aproximaciones médicas y psicológicas al suicidio en España antes de la Guerra Civil (1926-1936)
Supervisor/s: Annette Mülberger
Date of defense: 05-09-2017

The aim of this paper is to get to know how Spanish medical doctors and psychologists dealt with the subject of suicide from 1926 to 1927, and how they planned to manage this problem in society. With the help of a thorough bibliographical search I found documentary sources which are unknown or at least, had not yet been used and cited in history of science. After considering the Spanish laws on suicide during the period 1926- 1927, and the official statistics of these years, the analysis has focused on the etiological theories and practical suggestions on suicide professed in those texts. Additionally, I have considered the discussions on euthanasia of the period. This analysis has shown that suicide was mainly considered as caused by a mental illness, and was closely linked to the process of professionalization and institutionalization of psychiatry in Spain.