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Constanza Reveco Sepúlveda
Inventario del patrimonio científico del fondo Lorenzo Presas de la RACAB. El caso específico de las secciones de farmacia, química y medicina
Supervisor/s: Josefina Fortuny
Date of defense: 06-09-2017

In this current master work it is presented the labor done in the external practice which is part of the professional specialty of the Master in history of Science: Science, History and Society. This practice was developed at the Royal Academy of Sciences and Arts of Barcelona (RACAB) between the months of February and May of 2017, completing a total of 225 hours. This made possible to improve the skills of applicability that relate directly to the archival work performed in the library and archive of the institution that, in addition, can be linked with the management of the scientific heritage and communication. What is previously mentioned above is linked to the analysis and construction of primary sources related to documentation about Pharmacy, Chemistry and Medicine of Fund Lorenzo Presas y Puig (FLP), a part of the section of Academic training and teaching of such fund. It is relevant to mention that one of the fundamental objectives of the work is to publicize the experience with a critical gaze and thus make a contribution to the Academy through the work performed and the proposals for the conservation and preservation of sources, such as deacidification and digitization.