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Adrián Ortiz Mera
Benet Baïls: el càlcul infinitesimal a l'Espanya del segle XVIII
Supervisor/s: Antoni Roca Rosell
Date of defense: 05-09-2017

This article aims to explain how calculus introduced in Spain through one of its lesser-known drivers: the Catalan mathematician Benet Baïls. We will see in what way and from which European mathematical authors and currents, the first mathematical works in the country are written, which includes the subject of infinitesimal calculus. In order to carry it out, the entire work of Benet Baïls will be analyzed and an exhaustive analysis will be made to find all the references to this subject. Once the emptying is done, it will be analyzed in what way it has been drafted and from which treaties or works has been based. In order to accomplish this goal, we will study the different bibliographic sources written by the same author and also his personal library at the time of his death which indicates the type of works he consulted while still alive. Thus, with this work we will demonstrate the importance of Benet Baïls with regard to the introduction of infinitesimal calculus in Spain, although this author has not been so studied by historians as other contemporaries and later to the Catalan mathematician.