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Sarah Moreira Castro
Hacer hablar al sincrotrón. El Departamento de Comunicación y Divulgación del Sincrotrón ALBA
Supervisor/s: Ana Belén Martínez
Date of defense: 06-09-2017

The science communicator figure is growing in acknowledgement, as we are increasingly aware of the importance of engaging with the public. Nevertheless, the area of science popularization is still in development. After my stay at the communication and outreach department of the ALBA Synchrotron, a research center at the service of researchers and companies, I have been able to get to know personally the great variety of tasks that are carried out during the exciting labor of science communication. This work analyses some of them: the relationship between scientists and communicators, the interaction with the different publics of this kind of centers, the social media management which gets more demanding every day, or the relationship with the mass media. Although the communication carried out by the main research centers is just one of the links of the science communication chain, it is a good place from which to start exploring, as it is the primary source of information, it is where science is done.