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José Eduardo Montejo Celis
Usos y funciones de la historia en la legitimación de las neurociencias. La narración científica autobiográfica y la narración histórica profesional
Supervisor/s: Fernando Vidal
Date of defense: 06-09-2017

The history of science as well as history in general is narrated with a legitimating purpose, in the present work the autobiographical narration of the neuroscientists is analyzed and it tries to locate its function in the history. The research to know the neurobiological foundations of the brain presented its greatest boom from the second half of the 20th century. The support of state institutions in creating laboratories and neuroscience research programs was related to the implementation of public policies and population needs, mainly with the use of psychoactive substances. As neuroscientists re conceptualize the brain using notions of neuroplasticity and neuroadaptation, the conception of the individual, his capacities and limits, is also transformed. Distinguishing and understanding the interrelationships and interactions between the development of sciences and their histories is a matter of interest to historians of science and neuroscientists who decide to write the evolution of their research work through autobiographical records. What the professional historian thinks about the neurobiologization of the individual and the history of neuroscience narrated by its protagonists.