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Néstor López Serveto
Coneixements sobre espècies vegetals psicoactives d'origen oriental als Colóquios de Garcia de Orta (Goa, 1563)
Supervisor/s: Isabel Soler
Date of defense: 06-09-2017

Garcia de Orta (Castelo da Vide, 1500 — Goa, 1568) was a portuguese doctor that recieved his education in the spanish humanist universities althoug he finally moved to Goa, where he produced his Colóquios (Goa, 1563). In this dialogue the medical substances that circulated through the capital of the Estado Português do Oriente are deeply analised, including vegetal species with psicoactive effects such as cannabis, opium, betel, camphor and nutmeg. The analisis of the author’s context, the content of his work —being compared with the european knowledge— and of the impact that it reached, reveal that the location and the method are the two keys that, even being made in an isolated situation in respect with the european academy, make Colóquios add innovative knowledge in the field of psicoactive substances with oriental origin that circulated in the XVIth century.