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Martí Florit Gual
El reingreso de España en el CERN (1981-1983)
Supervisor/s: Xavier Roqué Rodríguez
Date of defense: 05-09-2017

The purpose of this work is to provide a thorough description of the state of high energy physics in the 1980s in Spain, as well as to widen our knowledge about the process that lead to Spain becoming a member of CERN again. In order to provide a broad scope, it will be necessary to study the different collaborations of Spanish research groups in some internatio- nal experiments, which complemented the increaseing interest in high energy physics in the country. Of great relevance will be the connexions that the Spanish physicists maintained af- ter Spain’s withdrawal from CERN in 1969, as well as the changes in Spanish research in high energy physics research through in this period. Furthermore, this work aims at studying the activity of the Spanish physics community in collaboration with CERN in the subsequent years after the rejoinment, and seeks to assess the state of physics research in Spain. Regarding socio- political and economical issues, we will also consider the intentions of both Spain and CERN, and the Spanish industry. Finally, in order to shed light in CERN’s position during the nego- tiations, we will study study the economic stakes of the addition of a new Member State to support high-budget projects that were planned in the early 1980s.