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Alejandro Cabrera González
El Museo de Patología Vegetal y Terapéutica Vegetal de Barcelona. ¿Un museo activo, útil y efímero?
Supervisor/s: Carlos Acosta Rizo
Date of defense: 06-09-2017

This work aims to define aspects of the Museo de Patología Vegetal y Terapéutica Vegetal of Barcelona through the analysis of the scientific material and information available on its permanent exhibition, framed in the social, political, technical, scientific and museological context of the early 20th century. The result aims to qualify the Museum as sui generis, "active" and pioneer in the dissemination of methods of biological ecology, "biological fight", without leaving aside the chemicals needed to fumigate the field. In its conception and work there is a change in the way of offering scientific and technical information, more oriented to solve direct problems of society than to the playful disclosure; Addressed to a particular public and directly interested in the agricultural subject, that was used this specialized information. A center halfway between science museum, pedagogical entity and research center, which served as support to schools and agricultural farms. A museum that had a quality scientific material, but in which it surely failed the design of the exhibition and the concordance of what was exhibited with the expected public.