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Xavier Vila Guàrdia
Aproximació al manuscrit d'òptica de Tomàs Cerdà S.J.
Supervisor/s: Antoni Malet Tomàs
Date of defense: 07-09-2016

Tomàs Cerdà (1715-1791) was a Jesuit and a teacher of Mathematics at Escola de Cordelles in Barcelona and at Colegio de Nobles in Madrid between the years 1757 and 1767. This dissertation aims to recover and reconstruct a part of the optics manuscript that the Jesuit wanted to publish as Treatise on Optics, which is based on the notes from the lessons he taught. The treatise on optics was part of a greater project, more general and ambitious, which sought, following the tradition of Newtonian philosophy proponents, to provide the public with a compendium of treatises on Physics and Maths in Spanish. By analysing the content from the writings, comparing them to the sources and studying the context in which the manuscript is set, this dissertation tries to make an approach to the particularities of Cerdà’s adaption on the Newtonian Optics.