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Fabián García Sepúlveda
Discursos sobre sexualidad en Chile: Análisis de la revista Paula durante los principios de los años 1970
Supervisor/s: Jorge Molero Mesa
Date of defense: 07-09-2016

Sexuality has been a topic of interest for all ages. This importance is due to how sexuality is represented in a society where different behaviors are mediated and normalized, causing in that way speeches to regulate, promote, censure, establishing obligations, moments and language in which individuals must comply in a explicitly or implicitly way.

In this context, there are some ways to mobilized these discourses, being for much of the twentieth century magazines. That is why, this socio-historical research seeks to know discourses about sexuality in a magazine focused to the women public in Chile, which is called Paula during the early 70's.

To do so by Critical Discourse Analysis, it was analyzed some articles in which it is displayed how the magazine is constantly contradicted in its idea of promoting certain behaviors but also problematizing and moralizing another. This by pathologizing or justifying other behaviors.