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Diana Bonet Parés
Roser Nos. Dones, ciència i professionalització a la Barcelona del

Supervisor/s: Oliver Hochadel
Date of defense: 07-09-2016

This study is about Roser Nos Ronchera’s career in the context of Francoist Barcelona. What is firstly analysed is the way the worlds of work, education and museums determine her experience; secondly, how gender bias has affected the possibilities and responsibilities of women working in museums in Anglo-Saxon countries and what differences their experience from Roser’s; thirdly her biography and bibliography are also analysed, in order to know in which spaces she can develop herself -where she can investigate-, and the way she reaches them. The results point towards a different experience of Roser from Anglo-Saxon museum workers, that Barcelona’s socio- political situation defines how the museum functions, and so Roser’s work there. She is a pioneer (she eventually becomes Museum Director) in feminine scientific professional world in museums. Roser Nos Ronchera is an active agent, she is decisive, pragmatic, and searches for the necessary spaces to achieve her goals.