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Hafid Abouzia
La pharmacie dans l'histoire de l'Islam. L'influence d'Al-Razi dans l'ouevre d'Ibn Al-Baytar
Supervisor/s: M. Emilia Calvo Labarta
Date of defense: 07-09-2016

Medicine and pharmacy are intrinsically linked in the three major classifications of sciences established by the Arab-Muslim philosophers and physicians. Al-Rāzī (Rhazes) (865-925) was the first doctor to have clearly mentioned the separation of medicine and pharmacy. In fact, the Arabic pharmacy was crowned by the Kitab al-Djāmic li-mufradāt al-adwiya wa-l-aghdiya, which was composed by Ibn al-Bayṭār, a native of Malaga who died in 1248. Kept in more than 80 manuscripts, this alphabetical dictionary of food and drugs of plant, animal and mineral origin compiles, methodically and critically, Greek, Persian and Arabic sources, while incorporating the rich practical experience of the author, who travelled the Muslim world where he botanized plants in the company of disciples. The wealth of the material collected was strongly influenced by al-Rāzī who had a great impact in different aspects.