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Núria Vallès Peris
Una màquina del temps. "El anacronópete" d'Enrique Gaspar
Supervisor/s: Carlos Manuel Gámez Pérez, Xavier Roqué Rodríguez
Date of defense: 10-10-2015

The present work is an analysis of a literary work published in 1887: El anacronópete by Enrique Gaspar, a story that has the audacity to imagine for the first time (as far as is known) a time machine. The device and the metaphor were intensely popularized in the late nineteenth century, in connection with new scientific knowledge and discoveries. The study is conducted from an historiographic perspective, approaching literature and science from their common elements, as areas of shared meanings, references and ideologies. The main conclusions explore, on the one hand, the transition between different forms of relationships between publics and science; and, on the other, the truss of sociotechnical knowledges that involved a change of space-time coordinates of everyday life in the late nineteenth century, in which the relationship between past, present and future was mediated by machines and techniques that travel in time and space, like train, electricity or canned food.