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Luis Romero Miranda
El resurgimiento de la astronomía amateur en Catalunya (1960-1980). Constructores de telescopios y observadores al amparo de la Agrupación Astronómica de Sabadell
Supervisor/s: Pedro Ruiz Castell
Date of defense: 10-09-2015

The Agrupación Astronómica de Sabadell (AAS) developed in the mid-1960s an observational program to study Jupiter and Saturn. The results placed the society on top of the amateur astronomical scene. One of the main factors that explain this success was the self-construction of high resolving telescopes. This achievement was due to the information provided by the Societé Astronomique de France. At the same time, the AAS did a great job of popularisation, reaching the highest number of members in the history of the society. After a period in which research and popularisation coexisted - holding up each other–, by the end of the 1970s, several circumstances led to a gradual decrease of the research work. In this dissertation I analyse the causes of the early success and later crisis of the AAS.