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Sara Navarro Rendón
Eugenesia y Falange a través de la revista Ser (1942-1957)
Supervisor/s: Isabel Jiménez Lucena, Jorge Molero Mesa
Date of defense: 10-09-2015

Eugenic ideas and practices were proposed through the medical journal of Falange Española, Ser, Revista Médico-Social, published by the Delegación Nacional de Sanidad. The journal was analyzed with the objective of providing an approximation of its eugenic theory, that it has been characterized in form of measures of selection and promotion of some populations, and of extermination and marginalization of others, based on an ideological and spiritual racial ideal. These measures pretended, through indoctrination and health promotion, the physical and mental improvement of the race. Racial inclusion and exclusion mechanisms were also featured. These marginalized some population sectors –criminals and dissidents– and qualified social hierarchies –of social class and gender–.