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David Mayo Sánchez
El problema de la creación en la hipótesis cosmológica del multiverso, 1982-2012
Supervisor/s: Xavier Roqué Rodríguez
Date of defense: 09-09-2015

History has shown that science, in this case physical cosmology, in its encounter with the problem of the origins of the universe, has engaged in a series of controversies and speculations, entering in nonscientific areas. Physical cosmology has not been able to avoid the question of the origins of the universe and its implications for the notion of creation. This has led scientists to develop hypotheses and theories including the non-scientific category of creation, theories that have remained incomplete or inconsistent, apart from being separated from empirical reality. Such is the case of the multiverse cosmological hypothesis. Most scientists regard it as a scientific theory that could describe and explain reality as a whole, giving an account of its laws and constants. Thus, it appears that science is an enterprise that can explain everything, while it has occupied the place of speculative philosophy in its attempt to explain reality in its entirity, thereby changing its own structure. This study aims to expose and analyze critically, from a contemporary historical perspective, the scientific and philosophical context of contemporary physics and its significant implications.