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Antonio Marí Martín
El heliocentrismo de Copérnico: motivos, razones y contextos
Supervisor/s: José Romo Feito
Date of defense: 09-09-2015

This work discusses several hypothesis that from the 1960s have tried to explain the causes that led Copernicus to propose a major reform of astronomy. Some of such hypothesis involve reconstructions of the analytical process Copernicus might have followed. My aim is to compare all those hypothesis in order to get some historiographical generalizations. The first part focuses on reconstructions that barely take into account external factors and, in order to do it, the distinction between motive and reason is systematically used, i, e., the distinction between notions that drove Copernicus’s reflections and notions that finally made him decide on the heliocentric system. The second part deals with hypothesis introducing contexts built with materials of very different origins, in which the heliocentric system becomes at least plausible. The work concludes by making an appeal to persevere on the search for contextual reconstructions.