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Ana Macaya Andrés
Ajoblanco (1974-1980). Creación y gestión del conocimiento en el movimiento libertario desde una perspectiva de género
Supervisor/s: Isabel Jiménez Lucena, Jorge Molero Mesa
Date of defense: 10-09-2015

The aim of this essay is to thraw light upon the processes of knowledge building and transmission of knowledge on gender and sexuality-related issues that took place in some sectors of the anarchist movement during the Spanish Transition. To this end, we will focus on the anarchist magazine Ajoblanco, in the pages of which much room was given to debates about health, sexuality, contraceptive methods and abortion. The topics, dialogical methodology and work of resignification weren’t new to the anarchist movement, as evidenced by the study of such publications as Estudios, an anarchist magazine that appeared between 1928 and 1987.

What’s more, Ajoblanco gave pride of place to non-normative identities, bodies and sexualities, sometimes confrontational, thus becoming a medium for the struggle against deterministic biopower. Concurrently, the editors of Ajoblanco built on a conception of knowledge based on collective building, divulgative purpose, and confrontational intention, the revolutionary potential of which was to be expressed in the collective creation of a new society of informed, critical individuals who, along anarchist principles, would struggle for the common good in solidarity with one another.