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Guillem Codern Cortada
La Societat Frenològica de Vilanova i la Geltrú: La Revista Frenológica (1852-1854)
Supervisor/s: Annette Mülberger
Date of defense: 09-09-2015

In this work I will analyze the fundamental contents of Revista Frenológica, published between 1852 and 1854 by the Societat Frenològica de Vilanova, in order to know what were their interests, what influences they had and what were their proposals individually and as a society. To do this I have conducted a thorough reading of the Revista Frenológica as well as the works seemed to me that have relation with their publications. I have observed that there are multiple relationships between the group of Vilanova and phrenologists such as Cubi, the Figueres group, Gall or Spurzheim. The proximity between the interests and the manner of proceeding of Vilanova’s Society and the phrenologists we consider as their influence is not preventing that the Vilanova’s Society had lot of original proposals and ideas presented in the magazine. We will see that the desire to communicate the phrenology to all social groups, proposed reforms in fields such as education, health and politics, historical analysis and discovery of new phrenological organs allow us to consider this group as a original, innovative and productive phrenological Society. Its existence in a late period of phrenology and its isolated location also will allow us to see the need to establish international relations with those phrenologists still remain active, generating a fruitful relationship between them.