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Guillem Abella
Relacions entre la indústria aeroespacial i l'estudi científic dels llamps
Supervisor/s: Oliver Hochadel
Date of defense: 09-09-2015

In the last one hundred years the aviation industry and the research on lightning have interacted with each other. This relationship has changed significantly over the years and continues to the present day. This is a study about the dynamics and evolution of this relationship, its results, discoveries, challenges and impacts, and the relations between various groups, institutions and countries involved. The first chapter deals with the connections arising from the need to protect the aircraft and crew, buildings and electrical equipment. The second chapter discusses the impact of the progress of the aviation industry and the new technologies in the study of lightning, as well as changes in the methods of research and the discoveries that were made subsequently. This master thesis also includes an interview with Joan Montanyà Puig, one of the active researchers in this field today. This case allows to study the benefit of cooperative relationships between groups, the dynamics of the physical sciences in the twentieth century, the interdependent relationship between basic and applied science, the reconceptualization of laboratories, the complexity of the scientific discoveries and the value of eyewitnesses for their acceptance.