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Karim Zarroudi
La geografía de al-Idrisi y sus aportaciones en el siglo XII
Supervisor/s: M. Emilia Calvo Labarta
Date of defense: 10-09-2014

The sciences flourished along the Middle Ages with the expansion of the Islamic state in the East and the West, and the Islamic world contact -spanning the Golden Age of Islam in al-Andalus and Sicily- and the West. So, geosciences knew a significant change and a new phase after the emergence of geographical works considered the most complete, especially the work of al-Idrīsī in the twelfth century. The present work aims at analysing his work in order to extract the method followed by this traveller (consisting of the division of the world into seven climates, each containing ten sections), to obtain the necessary information and draw the seventy maps with striking accuracy for contemporary geographers, and according the norms of modern maps. Besides a biography of the author, in which we will reveal information about his life that has gone unnoticed, we find the contributions of this scholar to the domain of geography and the impact he had in later centuries.