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Joel Piqué Buisan
La recepció de la teoria microbiana a Catalunya a través de la Revista Homeopática (1890-1913)
Supervisor/s: Jorge Molero Mesa
Date of defense: 10-09-2014

The discoveries in bacteriology led to a paradigm shift in medical homeopathy accelerated the need to receive and adapt their teaching to new scientific trends. The legitimation strategies are an important tool in the positioning of the disciplines within the scientific world. Homeopathy is a medical discipline that also uses their resources to take control of a theory that was introduced with effect. This paper examines the legitimation strategies that Acadèmia Médico- Homeopàtica de Barcelona used to that the Koch’s new discoveries did not collapse the Hahnemanniana doctrine, from the analysis of the Revista Homeopática. The study of these strategies was trying to show that the bacterial theory was not the beginning of the end of a movement that still survives today.