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Abdelkarim Boulaayoun
Ibn Hazm de Córdoba (994-1064) y las ciencias de los antiguos
Supervisor/s: Miquel Forcada Nogués
Date of defense: 10-09-2014

Because of his political resistance as defender of the umayyad and to his theological and philosophical affiliation as zahiri, Ibn Hazm suffered the exile, the prison and the misery; although, he was a great theologian and author of numerous treaties on religion, mainly, he was also a science man with a vast knowledge and formation in the natural science. The cordovan was not as the contemporary theologians who rejected the sciences of the old ones and they considered the foreign sciences a tool to destroy the religion, neither he was not as the philosophers who were fascinated by the sciences of the old ones and they chose to follow the road of the reasoning and the demonstration characteristic of them, but he was one of the big theologians who had a special religious vision with regard to those sciences; appreciating the contribution from the old ones to the formation of the human community, especially, “the legitimate sciences”, but, giving priority to the prophetic revelation and the religious sciences regarding it as the only road for the human salvation.