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Vicenç Allué
La transmisión del conocimiento y las prácticas veterinarias en la Antogüedad y la Edad Media: estado de la cuestión y estudio bibliográfico
Supervisor/s: Jon Arrizabalaga Valbuena
Date of defense: 10-09-2014

The present study aims to analyze the processes of transfer knowledge and practices of veterinary science carried out in the ancient and medieval world. The chronological framework covers the period from the end of s. IV bE until XV aE, in the geographical area of the Eurasian continent. We based on the assumptions of the Global History of Jerry Bentley, and Peter Burke research patterns on the transmission of Greek and Roman heritage in the European Renaissance. Our approach is focused in three sections: authors and translators, contents and receptors. This analysis emphasizes the interactivity and international nature of the actors involved in the knowledge transfer. A Brief introductory study on early history stages of animals involved in this process: horses, dogs and falcons, helps us to sustain the initially approach proposed. Texts describing veterinary expertise are shown in a multivariate and multifaceted, in terms of number of authors and sources used to achieve their function. These factors are positive because of the plurality of components, but hinder a doctrinal and evolutionary framework of ancient and medieval veterinary science. Exist a process of knowledge and practices transfer related to animal management and health which was evident from the beginning with the migration of Indo-European peoples on the 4000 aE. It reach to veterinary medieval west with accumulated baggage and strength renewed.