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Susana Sánchez Castillo
Los marinos Jorge Juan y Antonio de Ulloa y la demarcación de las fronteras sudamericanas en el siglo XVIII
Supervisor/s: Jesús Maria Galech
Date of defense: 09-09-2013

The issue of the Papal Bula in 1493 established the Meridian of Demarcation as the dividing line between the castilian and the Portuguese empires in America. After the first symbolic appropriation on the theoretical space, it showed necessary to implement the projection physically on the terrain. This was the starting point of a dispute of which the Jorge Juan and Antonio de Ulloa’s Disertación Histórica y Geográfica echoes in 1749, nearly 300 years after, in order to recognize such partition in the reality from the geographical practice. This is the objective pursued by the Disertación, dealing with the process to configure a conflictive boundary at a crucial moment in which the concept of identity acquires a new dimension in a territory that had been an unknown land for the Iberian Europeans.