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Maria Montava Gadea
Edició i estudi crític del manuscrit "Máquina simplificada para elevar el agua por medio del fuego" de Francesc Santponç
Supervisor/s: Antoni Roca Rosell
Date of defense: 09-09-2013

Francesc Santponç i Roca (1756-1821) was a doctor from Barcelona. In addition to his medical activity, he studied and developed the seam machine technology in the early nineteenth century. At that time, the power of the steam engine represented the vanguard among the machines. Engineers and craftsmen had helped to develop this technology with important contributions that tried to solve the problems of these big machines. The fighting spirit of people such as Savery, Newcomen and Watt drove a promising technology. This was the same spirit that led Santponç to accept the challenge of building one of these machines for a textile manufacturer in Barcelona. This project has already been studied, and put into context from the report that Santponç wrote about it in 1804-1806.

This paper investigates a manuscript kept in the Santponç’s family file. The manuscript describes the "simplification" that has been made in a steam engine. This manuscrip had’t been estudied before and we have tried to put it chronologically, and find out the purpose with which it was written. We have located the sources from which Santponç drew information about steam technology. We have analyzed the performance and features of this machine made by Gensanne, which was a variant of the Newcomen’s tecnology. The study carried out in the manuscript should be considered one of the works from which Santponç assumed the steam technology of his time.