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Marco Sanz
Sexto Empírico y la curación por la palabra en el periodo helenístico. Algunas consideraciones sobre el valor terapéutico de la ataraxia
Supervisor/s: Jon Arrizabalaga Valbuena
Date of defense: 09-09-2013

Analyzing what benefits ataraxia brought to the health of individuals, is an attempt to prove that the skepticism exposed by Sextus Empiricus in his Outlines of Pyrrhonism is not only a theory of knowledge but also a therapeutic model based in the possibility of healing by the effect of the word. In order to provide a context for the author and his work, the cultural characteristics of his era has been analyzed as well as to explain why during the Hellenistic period there was an increasing concern to treat the soul’s affections. Additionally, it has been explained how from the Classical antiquity to well into the Hellenistic period, the exhortations to the virtue, which Sextus Empiricus this work was a successor, acquired the form of a verbal therapy.