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José Luis Pérez Calvo
La mesura de la "Intel·ligència obrera" a l'IOP de Barcelona
Supervisor/s: Annette Mülberger
Date of defense: 09-09-2013

The dissertation puts the Institut d'Orientació Professional de Barcelona and its leading figure E. Mira in the European and Spanish context between its creation in 1918 and the establishment of the Second Spanish Republic in 1931. The main objective is to show that the reinforcement of Industrial Psychology as a new discipline and thereby the employment of psychometric psychologist as a new professional in Catalonia, is inextricably linked to political conditions, such as the creation of the Mancomunitat, and economic conditions, such as the industrial development at that time. During that period, there was a confluence of interests amongst political leaders, businessmen and new psychology professionals, which favoured the public recognition of the new discipline and its professionals; they provided a service which promised to increase the production and its profits and, to some extent, to reduce social conflict. The process through which psychologists started to lead the selection and guidance task (despite that engineers and doctors were also involved in it) is discussed as well, taking into account that psychologists had instruments seen as scientific, such as psychometric tests.