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Sergi Grau Torras
Les citacions d'Aristòtil en els escrits mèdics d'Arnau de Vilanova.
Supervisor/s: Jon Arrizabalaga Valbuena
Date of defense: 05-09-2012

This work is a first approach to the study of Aristotle's quotations in medical writings of Arnau de Vilanova. The recovery of Aristotle in the thirteenth century was made by Latin translations from Arabic and Greek which had a great importance to develop natural philosophy and other disciplines as medicine. Arnau de Vilanova, one of the most important physicians of the Latin Middle Ages, used the books of Arostotle in several cases in his medical works as an authority. This analysis let us to know the works and the methodology used by Arnau de Vilanova. We limit the study of Aristotle's quotations to the critical published work of Arnau de Vilanova, mainly in the collection Arnaldi de Villanova Opera Omnia Medica (AVOMO) and other works published in specialized journals. This study gives us a better understanding not only of the recovery and uses of Aristotle during the Middle Ages in the medical field but also a better understanding of the thought of Arnau de Vilanova.