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Pamela Meneses Sandoval
La mujer-madre en el discurso médico-sanitario de comienzos del siglo xx: El proyecto de la Institución Maternal Catalana
Supervisor/s: Jorge Molero Mesa, Isabel Jiménez Lucena
Date of defense: 05-09-2012

In 1913 Dr. Miquel A. Fargas i Roca, member of the Casa de Maternidad y Expósitos of Barcelona, presents to the board of government of the same, an ambitious project called Institución Maternal Catalana. He proposed the creation of a specialized public health center, a maternity, for develop the social, the academic and the health care function  for the pregnant woman in prenatal or posnatal satate, independent of her social class. In the present study I analyze from a critical perspective the institutional discourse that promoted this project, under the hypothesis that ideology present in such speech includes and excludes (at the same time) to the women, through the use of a complex conceptual figure: the women-mother.