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J. Agustín López Martínez
De la pista deportiva al laboratorio. El dopaje en la revista Apuntes de Medicina Deportiva: 1964-1981
Supervisor/s: Jorge Molero Mesa
Date of defense: 04-09-2012

The aim of this paper is to analyze the views of the Catalan professionals of sports medicine about doping on athletes between 1964 and 1981 through the journal Apuntes de Medicina Deportiva. The results show the lack of agreement on the definition of doping and on which drugs should be banned. Despite this uncertainty, enhancing performance drugs and their control were a key element in the institutionalization of sports medicine, because these scientists tried to set themselves up as those who could decide what substances had to be considered dope. This journal became the battleground of some of the controversies that took place during this period. The lack of agreement on the medical use of psychoactive drugs to treat sport competition anxiety or the controversy over the use of steroids, are some examples. These differences brought some debates, classics today, such us the tension between “normal” or “artificial” human performance, or the boundaries between "therapeutic doping" and the merely physiological increasing performance. The study of the journal also shows the international role of some of these doctors and their critical views on certain anti-doping measures. Finally, we can see through their discourses that they even reconsidered the very concept of sport.