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Antoni Libràn Vicente
La didàctica de les ciències a les escoles de Química aplicada a les arts i de Física Experimental de la Junta de Comerç de Barcelona (1826-1851). Relacions amb la didàctica socioconstructivista
Supervisor/s: Carles Puig Pla
Date of defense: 04-09-2012

What do the schools of the Barcelona’s Board of Commerce and socio-constructivist training have in common? This is the objective of my research, setting my attention on the Chemistry applied to the arts and Experimental Physics schools, in the period 1826-1851. This paper considers the historical education context between mid- eighteenth century and mid-nineteenth century and outlines the basic pillars of socio- constructivist training from 1960s. Knowledge contextualization is the common point of these two models of training (Chemistry applied to the arts school and socio- constructivist). Chemistry applied to the arts school was founded in order to give support to the most important industries on these years in Catalonia (textile, dyeing and winegrowers industries).