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Camila Jaramillo Flórez
La representación de la Gripe Española de 1918 en el periódico La Vanguardia (1918-1922)
Supervisor/s: Carlos Tabernero Holgado
Date of defense: 04-09-2012

The aim of this work is to analyze the representation of the Spanish Flu in the newspaper La Vanguardia in the period 1918-1922. The social dimension of the flu epidemic that originated in 1918 led to the appearance of a large amount of literature in the media. Specifically, in newspapers, abundant references to the epidemic in relation, on the one hand, with its origin and evolution, both locally and internationally, and on the other, to the prevention and, where appropriate, the treatment of the illness. Given that the media coverage of the epidemic developed in parallel and in combination with government measures of information and prevention, the case of the Spanish Flu is a clear example to describe the processes of construction of health and medical knowledge beyond the specific scientific and technical discourse. Thus, this work describes how the Spanish Flu of 1918, through the pages of a powerful Spanish newspaper such as La Vanguardia, was defined not only according to its strictly biological traits, but socio-cultural as well.