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Isolina Guaiquil Jofré
El Cambio Climático en la prensa: Expertos, profanos, y autoridad científica en La Vanguardia (1988-1998)
Supervisor/s: Agustí Nieto-Galan
Date of defense: 04-09-2012

Through a selection of articles at the newspaper La Vanguardia, from the early appearance of the debate in 1988 to 1998, this paper analyses the relation between science and the media in the case of climate change. It gathers quantitative and qualitative data, the latter being very useful to identify specific local actors and their perception of science when approaching climate change issues. Results fit very well in Stephen Hilgartner‘s dominant view of popularization framework. Public debate was in hand of professional scientists. Far from a more participatory model, little attention was paid to non-expert, lay perceptions on climate change.